Childhood Sweet Tooth

Growing up in the lively city of Toronto, Canada, there was one thing that marked every high point of my childhood – a chilled bottle of Coca-Cola. It was more than just a drink for me. It was my partner on hot summer days, my comfort on a sad, rainy afternoon, and my first choice for celebrations, big or small. It was the sweet nectar that symbolized my carefree, sugary childhood.

Entering Adulthood with Sugar by My Side

As I stepped into my twenties, a new tradition began. Like most Torontonians, I started frequenting Tim Hortons, a beloved Canadian restaurant chain, renowned for its rich coffee and delectable doughnuts. Every time I ordered a coffee, it was always “make it double double,” which translated to double cream and double sugar in a medium-sized cup,

— and a Boston Cream doughnut, a Canadian classic. The doughnut was a confectionery dream: soft dough filled with creamy, vanilla-flavored custard and topped with a layer of rich, chocolate fondant icing. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

It’s hard not to salivate at the thought of sinking your teeth into this sweet treat. This sugar and caffeine combination became my daily ritual, my comfort, and my guilty pleasure, a habit that continued for the better part of my adulthood.

Life carried on this way, with the hustle of a demanding IT career and the sweet pleasures of my daily ‘double-double’ routine.  During my career in my 30s and until my mid-40s, I traveled between Canada and spent many years in the USA, indulging in the same pleasure of caffeine, paired with either a doughnut or a croissant.

The Sugar Awakening

However, when I reached my mid-forties, the toll of years of unchecked sugar consumption began to surface. The numbers on the scale were creeping up. My fondness for sugar hadn’t been limited to just my ‘double-double’ coffee with either doughnuts or croissants. It extended to a broader diet that was high in carbs, dairy, bread, rice and pasta, all of which contributed to my increasing weight.

In an effort to understand my condition and the culprit behind it, I dove headfirst into researching sugar and its impact on health. To my astonishment, I learned that sugar had not just one name, but over 99! It dawned on me that I had been unknowingly consuming these hidden sugars my entire life. The Coca-Cola of my childhood, the doughnuts from Tim Hortons, they were all packed with these hidden sugars.

Taking Control and Transformation

With determination and discipline, I committed myself to an educational and transformative 90-day lifestyle journey. I developed new eating habits, started incorporating physical movement into my routine, and most importantly, started to educate myself about the hidden sugars in foods. I made conscious decisions to choose healthier alternatives, understanding that my well-being depended on these choices.

This revelation was a game-changer. But it didn’t come without its trials and tribulations. Breaking away from the sugar-loaded foods was challenging. The cravings would sneak up on me at odd hours. But I persevered, knowing that my health comes first. I decided to take back control. I reduced my visits to Tim Hortons or Starbucks and switched from the habitual ‘double-double’ to caffeine-free mint tea. Sodas were replaced with water, and, most significantly, I became a label detective. Hidden sugars would no longer find their way into my meals unnoticed.

The Result of My Journey and An Invitation to Yours

The changes I made were not easy, but they were worth it. The result? Better sleep, increased energy levels, and the numbers on the scale finally moving in the right direction. This journey was more than just a change in diet—it was a lifestyle revolution. It was a testament to how knowledge can empower us to make healthier choices and improve our well-being.

But my journey didn’t end there. I wanted to spread the word about the many guises of sugar. I took my understanding of the hidden sugars and compiled a comprehensive guide listing the 99 different pseudonyms of sugar. This guide is more than just a list – it is a powerful instrument to awaken others, prompting them to reconsider their food choices.

Today, I extend an invitation to you. You’ve got nothing to lose but your sugar cravings. The sweetness of life lies not in the sugary treats, but in the vigor and vitality that comes with conscious eating.

This guide is your first tool for this challenge. Are you prepared to confront the hidden sugars that unknowingly permeate your diet?

Download my ’99 Different Names for Sugar’ guide and begin to understand the sugar labyrinth that lies before you. And when you’re ready to elevate your transformation, join me in the 90-day Challenge – a journey that redefines not just your diet, but your lifestyle.