Wellness Beyond  Mind


Wellness Beyond  Mind


Unlock Vibrant Health Today

Unlock Vibrant Health Today

Enrich Your Nutrition

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s easy to overlook the cornerstone of a good life: nutrition. 

We go beyond mere dietary advice, offering you personalised nutritional guidance that aligns with your holistic health goals.

Radiate Potential

With an approach that combines therapy, mentorship, and plenty of creative strategising, we facilitate a nurturing environment where your potential blossoms, radiating outwards to touch every aspect of your life. 

Live Your Extraordinary Life.

We firmly believe that every individual has the right to an extraordinary life, a life brimming with joy, success, and personal fulfilment.

We’re here to assist you in crafting a life narrative that resonates with your wildest dreams and encourages you to embrace life in its fullest expression.

Our unique Triple Transformation Framework methodology focuses on enriching your nutrition, radiating your potential, and enabling you to live the extraordinary life that you deserve.

Drawing from a rich tapestry of experiences in all aspects of conscious living; health coaching, mentorship, mindset and therapy, we offer tools, strategies, and insights that propel you towards a life less ordinary.

With our guidance, witness the transformation of your daily existence into the most vibrant tapestry of extraordinary moments.

Embrace the journey of living an extraordinary life, where every day is a testament to your resilience, brilliance, and boundless capacity for growth.

We’re here to guide you through every step of your transformative wellness journey.

Embrace conscious living to nurture longevity, transform mindset, ensure enduring wellness, and flourish

You Are Not Alone in Your Journey

Discover the power of food freedom, ignite your personal growth, and embrace a balanced lifestyle through conscious living. This is where healing begins and then flourishes

With a deep-rooted passion, we are dedicated to unlocking your full potential and promoting lasting well-being. Drawing from my own transformative journey, we facilitate personalized coaching and insightful educational content, all designed to manifest tangible results. Embrace conscious living with your very own guide.

Embrace conscious living to nurture longevity, transform mindset, ensure enduring wellness, and flourish

You Are Not Alone in Your Journey

Discover the power of food freedom, ignite your personal growth, and embrace a balanced lifestyle through conscious living. This is where healing begins and then flourishes

With a deep-rooted passion, we are dedicated to unlocking your full potential and promoting lasting well-being. Drawing from my own transformative journey, we facilitate personalized coaching and insightful educational content, all designed to manifest tangible results. Embrace conscious living with your very own guide.

Discover Food Freedom

Intuitive Eating + Vibrant Health =  The WILDFIT Lifestyle

Food Freedom

No more restrictive diets, the Wildfit Lifestyle teaches you to embrace Food Freedom by mastering nutrition for life. 


Mindset Transformation

Through a hybrid of modalities we will take you to a new level of Mindset Mastery which creates Conscious Control – giving you back the power in your journey to perfect health.

Radiant Wholeness 

Breaking free of the chains of dieting and lack we create a new way of being – vibrant, balance and harmonious across all aspects of your life.

“Best program for making life improving changes.”

“The only program where nutritional science meets behavioural psychology for lasting results.”

“Everyone and anyone could benefit from WILDFIT®.”

“WILDFIT® is the most grounded lifestyle program I’ve found.”

“Best program for making life improving changes.”

“The only program where nutritional science meets behavioural psychology for lasting results.”

“Everyone and anyone could benefit from WILDFIT®.”

“WILDFIT® is the most grounded lifestyle program I’ve found.”

Meet Najib

Conscious Living Strategist 

Meet Najib, creator of the Triple Transformation Framework, guiding individuals to navigate the pathways of life with exceptional knowledge, empathy, and an unwavering focus on holistic wellness.

Sometimes the most profound transformations stem from a journey of self-discovery and an earnest desire to foster well-being in others, and that was certainly the case for Najib. 

Nurture Your Wellbeing

Najib will support you to embark on a holistic journey to nurture your physical, emotional, and mental well-being, cultivating a life that resonates with vibrancy and joy.

Harness Your Potential

Najib’s unique combination of skills and experience will allow you to unleash the boundless potential within, fostering a mindset that embraces growth, resilience, and personal fulfillment.

Your Extraordinary Journey

With Najib’s guidance, step into a life that transcends the ordinary, weaving a narrative that is as unique as it is inspiring. This is truly the Triple Transformation at it’s very best.

Transformation Embodied:

The Pathways of Wellness

Transformed Nutrition

Discover a whole new relationship with food. Learn to listen to your body’s cues and eat intuitively. Break free from restrictive diets and embrace a sustainable approach to nutrition that fuels your body, caters to your health goals, and enhances your lifestyle.

Transformed Physical Movement

Redefine your approach to physical activity. It’s not about punishing exercise regimens—it’s about integrating joyful movement into your everyday life. Experience the energizing impact of regular exercise tailored to your fitness level and preferences.

Transformed Sleep

Experience the rejuvenating power of quality sleep. Understand your sleep patterns, learn techniques to improve sleep hygiene, and acknowledge the critical role of rest in overall health and wellness.

Transformed Cognition

Discover the power of cognitive reframing, a tool that helps you see challenges in a new light. This change in perspective can improve your emotional well-being and boost your intellectual strength. By learning to reframe your thoughts, you can build resilience, embrace positivity, and navigate your wellness journey with confidence and ease.


Transformed Mindfulness

Elevate your mindfulness practice to new heights. Understand the profound connection between the mind and body, cultivating mindfulness to manage stress, improve mental clarity, and live more fully in the present moment.

Transformed Appearance

Embrace confidence in your own skin. As you nurture your body from the inside out, notice the transformative effects on your outward appearance. Radiate wellness, strength, and self-love with an appearance that mirrors your inner health.

Transformed Self-Awareness

Dive into a profound understanding of your character and spirit. Engage in personal growth and spiritual exploration, boosting your consciousness and authenticity. This transformative journey significantly improves decision-making and self-expression, leading to a harmonious and aligned life.

Transformed Relationships

Foster healthier, more fulfilling relationships in all aspects of your life. From your love relationships to parenting dynamics, and social interactions, learn how your wellness journey can inspire those around you. Each relationship, nurtured and valued, contributes uniquely to your overall well-being, becoming an integral chapter in your wellness story.

Transformed Lifestyle

Embrace a lifestyle transformation that interweaves nutrition, mindset growth, career ambitions, and financial well-being, crafting a vibrant picture of comprehensive wellness. In this journey towards radiant wholeness, quality of life and a clear life vision become fundamental cornerstones. They shape the narrative of your life, inviting you to be the author of your own fulfilling wellness story.

Transformative Tools for Wellness

Awaken Your Best Self: Strengthen, Nourish, and Liberate Your Life

Boost Your Immune System

10 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Discover key strategies for a healthier immune system with our free guide:
10 Ways to Boost
Your Immune System.

Guided Meditation for Emotional Eating

Guided Meditation for Overcoming Emotional Eating

Begin your journey towards addressing emotional, mindless, or overeating.

Dive into our free guided meditation and find balance and peace with your relationship to food. Download and listen now for a centered and nourished self.


Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

Ready to break free from the grip of smoking? Harness the power of hypnotherapy with our free audio session. Take the leap towards a healthier, smoke-free life. Download and listen today.


Finding a Balance Can Be Hard, But Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be…

We understand that life is a balancing act—juggling work, family, and personal commitments can make healthy eating seem like another task on your to-do list.

But what if we told you that it doesn’t have to be that way?

With our scientifically-backed approach, we simplify the complexities of nutrition, offering you a tailored roadmap to a healthier you.

Say goodbye to restrictive diets, confusing food labels, and the guilt that comes with ‘cheat days.’ Here at Wellness Beyond mind we empower you to make conscious choices, turning healthy eating from a chore into a lifestyle. Because when you nourish your body, you nourish your soul

Uncover the Secret Sugar Lurking in Your Diet!

Are your attempts to cut back on sugar constantly derailed?
Do you feel like sugar is sneaking into your diet unnoticed and undetected?
You’re not alone. The real challenge is often not just about quitting sugar, but about unmasking its countless disguises.
Here’s a revelation – those ‘healthy’ foods you consume daily could be stealthy saboteurs, secretly filled with hidden sugars. These unseen elements in your meals are quietly sabotaging your wellness and weight-loss goals. But it’s time for a health revolution!
To equip you in this health revolution, I’ve prepared a powerful tool for you. Download the FREE ‘99 Different Names for Sugar‘ guide and make it your grocery shopping companion. Use this guide to help you navigate the maze of hidden sugars, enabling you to make healthier choices and reclaim control of your health. You might be astounded to find sugar lurking in the most unexpected places, even within your so-called “sugar-free” foods.
Are you ready to expose these sweet illusions and take control of your health? Join me in this revolution and arm yourself with the knowledge to combat hidden sugars. Start your journey today and together, let’s create a healthier, sugar-conscious world.

Get My 99 Different Names for Sugar Guide Free!

Unlocking the First Door to a Healthier You

Your Journey, Your Metrics

You’ve decided to embark on a wellness journey, and that’s commendable! But where do you start? One of the first metrics that often comes to mind is the Body Mass Index, or BMI. But why is it so important? Let’s delve into it.

What is BMI?

BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It’s a numerical value derived from your weight and height. While it’s not a diagnostic tool, it’s a useful screening metric that can flag potential health risks related to weight.

Initial Assessment:

Think of BMI as the opening chapter of your wellness book. It gives you a starting point, helping you understand where you stand in terms of weight-related health risks.

Calculate Your BMI Today

Ready to live your extraordinary life? Let your BMI be the starting line to a journey filled with self-discovery and personal triumphs.

BMI calculator


Your BMI is......

less than 18.5: Underweight
18.5 - 24.9:Normal weight
25 - 29.9:Overweight
30 - 34.9:Class I Obese
35 - 39.9:Class II Obese
40 upwards:Class III Obese

Real People, Real Results

I have lost 9 kgs and now back to my wedding weight, but more than that the team have helped me get my head back on track and to structure my nutrition in a way that makes so much sense, it feels good and I love the compliments I get. It is a WIN WIN for me.”

Lynne Hutton

Sydney Australia

“For me, a former Triathlete, who actually gained weight being an athlete, the lessons learned through WILDFIT® helped me build a life around challenging the norms of food consumption as well as the emotions attached to them. WILDFIT® has been an eye-opening experience, for not just myself, but for those around me, who have watched my progress in losing 25 pounds and 4 pants sizes in a matter of 3 months.”

Josh Finkelstein

Washington, United States

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Discover the Transformative Power of the WILDFIT® Approach

Discover the Transformative Power of the WILDFIT® Approach

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

General Information

What is WILDFIT®

WILDFIT® is a transformative health and wellness program that combines nutritional education, lifestyle changes, and coaching support. It is based on evolutionary biology and aims to help individuals achieve their optimal health by aligning their eating habits and lifestyle with their natural, human genetic makeup.

How is WILDFIT® different from other diet and lifestyle programs?

WILDFIT® is different from other programs because it focuses on sustainable lifestyle changes, rather than short-term diets or quick fixes. It emphasizes the importance of understanding our bodies’ natural needs and aligning our eating habits and lifestyle with our genetic makeup for optimal health.

What is the science behind the WILDFIT® program?

The WILDFIT® program is based on the principles of evolutionary biology, which suggests that our bodies are best adapted to the diet and lifestyle habits of our early ancestors. By aligning our modern lives with these principles, we can optimize our health, energy levels, and overall well-being.

Will I be hungry on the WILDFIT program?

WILDFIT encourages participants to eat nutrient-dense, satisfying foods that help keep hunger at bay. By focusing on natural, whole foods, most participants find they feel full and satisfied throughout the day.

Are there any side effects or risks associated with the WILDFIT program?

The WILDFIT program is generally considered safe, as it promotes a balanced, whole-foods approach to nutrition and lifestyle. However, it’s always recommended to consult your healthcare professional before starting any new health program, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions or concerns.

Can WILDFIT accommodate specific dietary restrictions or preferences?

One of the core philosophies of WILDFIT is flexibility. We understand the unique nature of each individual’s dietary needs and preferences. Whether you have specific dietary restrictions due to health concerns, ethical beliefs, or personal preferences, WILDFIT offers a customizable framework that respects and incorporates these requirements. Our goal is to empower you to make choices that align with your body’s needs and your personal values.

Program Details

How long is the WILDFIT® program?

The WILDFIT® program typically lasts for 90 days, with the goal of helping participants make lasting changes to their eating habits, mindset, and lifestyle.

How does the WILDFIT program work?

The WILDFIT® program is divided into three main phases:

  1. the education phase, where participants learn about the principles of evolutionary health and nutrition;
  2. the transformation phase, where participants apply the WILDFIT principles to their daily lives; and
  3. the maintenance phase, where participants continue to make healthy choices and enjoy the benefits of their new habits.
What kind of results can I expect from the WILDFIT® program?

Results will vary depending on individual goals and commitment, but common outcomes include weight loss, increased energy levels, improved mental clarity, better sleep, and overall improved health and wellbeing.

Do I need to buy special supplements or products for WILDFIT®?

No, the WILDFIT® program focuses on whole, natural foods and does not require the purchase of any special supplements or products.

Is exercise required for the WILDFIT® program?

While exercise is not a strict requirement of the WILDFIT® program, incorporating regular physical activity can enhance the program’s benefits and help participants achieve their health and fitness goals.

What happens after I complete the WILDFIT® program? Is there ongoing support or maintenance?

After completing the WILDFIT® program, participants are encouraged to continue applying the principles they’ve learned to maintain their newfound health and well-being. Your WILDFIT® coach can offer ongoing support, maintenance programs, or alumni communities to help participants stay on track and continue their health journey.

Compatibility & Adaptability

Who can benefit from the WILDFIT® program?

The WILDFIT® program is designed for anyone looking to improve their overall health, lose weight, gain more energy, or address specific health concerns. It is suitable for people of all ages, fitness levels, and dietary preferences.

What age group can succeed with WILDFIT®?

WILDFIT® can be successful for people of all age groups, as it focuses on natural, healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes that are appropriate and beneficial for everyone.

Is WILDFIT® suitable for vegans?

Yes, WILDFIT® can be adapted for vegans, as it emphasizes the consumption of whole, plant-based foods. Your WILDFIT® coach can help you make adjustments to ensure you meet your nutritional needs while adhering to a vegan diet.

Can WILDFIT® help with specific health conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease?

While WILDFIT® is not a medical treatment, many participants have reported improvements in various health conditions, including diabetes and heart disease, as a result of the healthy lifestyle changes promoted by the program. Always consult your healthcare professional before starting any new health program.

Can I follow the WILDFIT® program if I have food allergies or intolerances?

Yes, the WILDFIT® program can be adapted to accommodate individual dietary needs, including food allergies or intolerances. Your WILDFIT® coach can help you make appropriate adjustments to ensure your nutritional needs are met while avoiding problematic foods.

Coaching & Support

What is the role of a coach in my journey?

A WILDFIT coach is more than just a guide; they are your ally in navigating the program. They play a multifaceted role that includes educator, motivator, and accountability partner. Coaches personalize your experience by helping you understand the ‘why’ behind your dietary choices, encouraging you through challenges, and celebrating your milestones, ensuring that your journey is not just effective, but also enjoyable and enlightening.

What does the WILDFIT® coaching involve?

WILDFIT® coaching involves regular one-on-one sessions, or group coaching, depending on the participant’s preference. The coach helps participants set realistic goals, provides guidance and accountability, and offers personalized support throughout the program.

How much support will I receive during the WILDFIT® coaching process?

The level of support you receive during the WILDFIT® coaching process will depend on the coaching package you choose. Typically, participants can expect regular check-ins, personalized guidance, and access to resources such as meal plans, recipes, and educational materials.

What forms of assistance and resources are provided to individuals participating in the WILDFIT program?

Embarking on a WILDFIT journey means you’re never alone. Our community is a bedrock of support, providing encouragement every step of the way. We offer a nurturing environment that fosters connection and accountability. We believe in the power of community to inspire profound and sustainable change, ensuring that every participant has the guidance and encouragement they need to thrive on their WILDFIT journey.

How does the community aspect of WILDFIT enhance the support system?

The WILDFIT community is an essential element of the support system, providing a communal space for encouragement, inspiration, and collective wisdom. Interacting with peers on similar journeys fosters a sense of understanding and camaraderie that is deeply motivating. This shared experience strengthens your personal commitment and also deepens your journey with a variety of insights and shared experiences.

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